The Government of Vietnamís Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy (CPRGS)

IDEís market-based approach to rural development contributes directly to the poverty reduction objectives established by the government of Vietnam in cooperation with multilateral and bilateral donors. The Government of Vietnamís recently developed Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy (CPRGS) seeks to ensure that rural areas share the benefits of Vietnamís economic growth. The CPRGS sets ambitious growth and development targets for all of Vietnam and emphasizes the importance of stimulating the private sector.

With its experience making markets work for the rural poor, IDE Vietnam has capabilities and expertise directly relevant to achieving the rural development objectives of the CPRGS:

IDEís approach to implementing projects achieves significant geographic and programmatic impact with given resources by stimulating investment from both farmers and the private sector, and by working closely with government partners.

Rural marketing builds demand for products and services among poor families to the level where the local private sector can profitably and sustainably serve the poor.

Local private sector development links poor families to the techniques, technologies, information, and output markets they need to improve the profitability of their small farm enterprises.


Whilst IDE is a non-profit organization, its projects are implemented through profitable and sustainable small and micro enterprises, growing with the trend of economic liberalization in Vietnam

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