Output Market Linkages  

Access to output markets ranging from small village-level markets to sophisticated export processors is key for small farmers to earn more from their products. Poor farmers in remote areas appear to have limited access to markets for their products. However, by assessing transport costs and focusing on multiple high-value storable crops, opportunities emerge to create output market linkages with a rate of return that is very attractive to poor families.

IDE has enabled poor farmers to progress to highly profitable cultivation by increasing the diversity and reach of output market linkages. In Vietnam, IDE has created a stable market for the produce of more than 600 small farmers by establishing a model coconut processing factory and developing the local market for dried coconut. As part of its program to enable prosperity for poor families in upland Vietnam, IDE is researching opportunities for poor families in remote hill areas to produce horticulture, animal, and fish products for markets on the coastal plains through improved production and market linkages.


Whilst IDE is a non-profit organization, its projects are implemented through profitable and sustainable small and micro enterprises, growing with the trend of economic liberalization in Vietnam

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