Rural Water Supply - Customer Mr. Can's Family

Mr. Can returned to his home village in Thanh Hoa after the war with two bullets still embedded in his body. He has a bad limp and cannot walk far without help. He has five young children; his wife is the only member of the family who can do physical labor. Mr. Can tries to help his wife, but it used to be very difficult:

“I felt like I was a burden on my family because I could not even help my wife collect water. She would use the neighbor’s open well, but in the summer, it would get very low and there would only just be enough water for eating and drinking. The children would bathe in the pond, but I always worried about them drowning. They were often sick with spots on their body, which the doctor said was from dirty water.”

When the IDE hand pump program came to his commune, Mr. Can bought a hand pump on credit using a loan from the Veteran’s Association. His family’s standard of living has improved dramatically.

“Now my whole family can collect water - even the 3 year old. We always have plenty of water and life is much easier.”

In spite of his disability, Mr. Can can now collect water for the house and has even started an ice-making business, which he runs from home. Last summer, he and his wife bought a freezer to sell ice to his neighbors. Now he can earn up to $6 a day during the summer months. He can help his wife and feels that their life has improved immeasurably.

“I could not see how our life would ever change - but the hand pump has given my family a future,” he says.

Whilst IDE is a non-profit organization, its projects are implemented through profitable and sustainable small and micro enterprises, growing with the trend of economic liberalization in Vietnam

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